VHALE 4.5 inch Round High Pressure Ionic Filtered Handheld Shower Head Wand Power Spray, Boosts Skin and Hair Health, Oversized Rain Shower Massage and Spa Effect

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• [SILK THERAPY SHOWER] Oversized 4.5-inch chrome face with 384 micro perforations (0.3mm) allow our showerheads to generate powerful yet gentle water streams, creating a spa-like shower experience.
• [INCREASED WATER PRESSURE] Our triangular laser-cut micro-holes optimize the water pressure range to generate high pressure water flow.
• [DOUBLE FILTRATION SYSTEM] The ceramic balls prevent various bacteria and soften water. The stainless steel mesh filters solid impurities.
• [EASY TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION] Fits any standard ½ inch shower hose (NOT included). User manual with instructions included. Suitable for wearing all day, every day.
• [12-MONTH WARRANTY] Hassle-Free one year warranty for free replacement or refund.

The Vhale Ionic Showerhead recreates the fine mist of nature’s waterfalls and seas, allowing you to experience the same waterfalls-like feeling in your home.  Vhale’s 384 precision perforations break water into tiny droplets, intensifying the water stream and creating a plenitude of healthy negative ions in your shower. Enjoy spa-quality jet-stream waterfall showering in the convenience of your home at an affordable cost.

Negative ions shower    
Due to its 111 circular and 273 triangular perforations, the vhale Ionic Showerhead releases triple the amount of negative ions in your water and creates a powerful waterfall-like streaming mist. Also called “vitamins of the air”, negative ions are proven to increase blood flow, relieve stress, balance pH, and improve breathing.

Silk therapy shower
Designed with fine (0.3mm) triangular holes for soft water streams, you will enjoy a powerful yet gentle shower just like those found at many top-quality spas.

Antibacterial effect and rust filtration
Ceramic balls inside the showerhead prevent various bacteria, release Fair Infrared Rays, and soften water. The included stainless steel mesh filters solid impurities.

Water saving benefit
With the laser-perforation technology, 384 fine jets deliver high-pressure water-saving performance, reducing water use up to 20%.

Increased water pressure
Unlike standard showerheads, vhale showerheads feature triangular water holes.  The smaller openings allow our showerheads to generate 1.5x higher water pressure than traditional showers.


1. The spray plate and stainless steel mesh filter should be cleaned occasionally to prevent decreased water flow and remove residual contaminants captured in the showerhead. 

2. If the water stream from the spray plate is not straight, open the showerhead cap assembly and clean spray plate holes and stainless steel mesh with water and gentle agitation.

3. Areas with water containing excessive amounts of contaminants should wash the spray plate and stainless steel mesh filter regularly to avoid build up and/or interruption of water flow.


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