Facial Mask Brush Tool for Clay Mud Charcoal Face Eye Nose Mess Free DIY Home Spa Applicator (Silicone Brush or Synthetic Nylon Bristles Brush)

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• [VARIETY PACK] Silicone Brush or Synthetic Nylon Bristles Brush. Choose set accordingly.
• [COLOR & SIZE] Color: Silicone Brush: White/Black/Purple. Synthetic Bristles Brush: Orange/Gold/Clear. Size: Approx. 6 inches length and 1 inch width.
• [FEATURES] Smooth and soft. Provide exceptional coverage for the face; easy to reach difficult areas such as around the eyes, mouth and nose.
• [BENEFITS]  Using an applicator brush helps you cut down on wasted product while making it easy to apply an even coat to your face or body without dirtying your hands. Keeps bacteria from your hands out of your favorite jars of mud and clay masks.
• [USAGE] Suitable for professional and at home use: mud masks, clay masks, peel off masks, any other liquid masks, facial serums or other skincare products. Also can serve as foundation brushes (only for Silicone Brush). 

Available in different variety pack. Please choose according to your needs.

Silicone Brush:
The silicon tip is easily bends to swipe on the product. Easy to clean with cool water after use and allow it air dry. The brush tip design as wider and shorter, it allows for more precise application and avoid overlapping and banding. The silicone facial mask brush comes with good quality wooden handle ensure a comfortable for grip during the masking process.

• Brush head color: Clear.
• Brush material: High quality silicone facial.
• Handle material: Wooden.
• Ferrule: Black Aluminum ferrule.
• Total Length: 6.50 inches: Brush width: 1.10 inches. Brush Length: 1.18 inches.

Synthetic Nylon Bristles Brush:
The soft nylon tip gently bends to apply product across the contours of your skin. Easily clean with cool water after use and allow it air dry. The short broad bristle tip design allows for precise application and helps prevent overlapping and banding. High quality soft nylon hair bristles and quality transparent acrylic handles ensure a comfortable grip during the masking process.

• Brush head color: Orange.
• Brush material: High quality soft nylon hair bristle.
• Handle material: Transparent acrylic material.
• Ferrule: Gold aluminum ferrule.
• Total Length: 6.10 inches: Brush Tip Width: 1.18 inches, Brush Length: 0.75 inches.

1. Rinse the bristles or silicone under water. Make sure not to get water in the handle of the brush, this will loosen the glue over time.
2. Swipe the brush on your hand with mild soap or baby shampoo.
3. Rinse again.
4. Gently press the bristle with your fingers to release excess water (for bristle brushes).
5. Lay flat on a towel to dry overnight.

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