Facial Cleaning Sponge Scrub Pad, For Face and Neck, Gently Exfoliating Away Dirt and Oil, Effectively Clean Pores, Perfect For Mask and Makeup Cleanser

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• [1PACK] Includes 1 x sponge with travel case.
• [COLOR & SIZE] Color: White. Size: Length: 4 inches x Width: 3 inches x Think: 0.7 inch.
• [FEATURES] A sponge that can be used for deep cleansing; ideal for facial treatment, removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.
• [BENEFITS] Amazing at re-balancing skin and improving common skin problems. This sponge helps make skin smoother and healthier. Cleans and promotes healthier looking skin.
• [USAGE] Easily removes masks from skin and gently exfoliates skin. It is also great for removing makeup or for deep cleaning through your daily cleansing routine.

The cleansing sponge is designed to gently wipe or remove facial masks with quickness and ease, revealing clean and fresh skin. These sponges make removing cleansers hassle-free and are great for use in daily cleansing routines for deep cleanses and gentle exfoliation of the skin.


1. Rinse and soak the dry facial mask removal sponge with warm water until fully softened and expanded. For first time use, the sponge may require longer soaking time until it becomes soft.

2. Gently massage face with sponge.

3. Apply cleanser on to sponge as needed.

4. Rinse and gently squeeze out the water after each use, then air dry.

5. Always dampen your sponge before use.


1. The facial cleansing sponge is reusable. Replace your sponge if it has gone out of shape or if it has an odor.

2. Keep the sponge dry when not in use.

3. Soaking in warm water will help making the texture of the sponge softer.


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