Beaute Galleria Creativity DIY Kids Hair Crafts Accessory Decor, Chenille Stem Pipe Cleaner Bun Maker for Halloween Costume Spider Reindeer Christmas, Classroom Arts and Crafts

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• [BUNDLE CREATIVITY CRAFT SET] Includes 30x assorted Chenille Stems/ Pipe Cleaners (Length: 12inches/304mm X Width: 0.24inch/6mm), 10x assorted Black Googly Eyes, 5x assorted Pom Poms, 2x Hair Donuts, 10x Bobby Pins and 1x Ponytail Holder Elastic Band.
• [THEMES] 3 themes to choose: Reindeer, Spider or Christmas. (Click on the drop down box to select theme.)
• [FEATURES] Soft, fuzzy, and bendy; use them for holiday hairstyle decoration or craft projects.
• [BENEFITS] A great way to develop kids’ imagination and creativity. Use this DIY craft kit to create art & craft projects with friends and families.
• [USAGE] Perfect for kids’ school projects, camp projects, handmade gifts, garland, decorations, and more. 

Looking for a prefect holiday hairstyle for you or your children? The spider, spider web, reindeer, Christmas tree, octopus, bunny, and more creative hair bun are easy to create hairstyles that will surely get you noticed! Unlock your creativity; the chenille stem can be turn into anything. With these chenille stems, it’s easy to make fun new ways to celebrate the holidays and create items that will bring memories for years to come. Create one of the iconic classics or use your imagination to craft something new!


3 themes to choose: ---> Click on the drop down box to select theme.

- Reindeer (blue/brown)

- Spider (orange/black)

- Christmas (red/green/white) 


Package includes:

- 30x assorted Chenille Stem/ Pipe Cleaners (Length: 12inches/304mm X Width: 0.24inch/6mm)

- 10x assorted Black Googly Eyes

- 5x assorted Pom Poms

- 2x Hair Donuts

- 10x Bobby Pins

- 1x Ponytail Holder Elastic Band


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