24 Pieces Mixed Colors Nail Art DIY Holographic Shattered Broken-Glass Reflective Mirror Shard Effect Rainbow Thin Iridescent Cellophane Films Foils

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• [BUNDLE SET – 24PACK] Includes 24 sheets of different colors of glass foils. Cut into your favorite shapes and create unique nail art designs each time.
• [COLOR & SIZE] Color: Multi-colored – as pictured. Size (each sheet): 5cm x 19cm.
• [FEATURES] Not Only One Effect – The segments of the foil reflect light like facets on gemstone; different colors appear at different angles under lights. Emulate the look of shattered glass effect design on your nails.
• [BENEFITS] Easy to apply, looks amazing and makes your gel manicure design long lasting. Resembles shiny, sharp, shattered glass nail pieces .
• [USAGE] The nail foil set is combination of various patterns and allow you to design your nails freely. Cut into your favorite shape, and create the unparalleled design nail art by yourself.



This “glass” nail design is the latest trend and you can do it yourself at home.

Each nail design is unique, and combination possibilities are endless. Although base can be in any color, the most striking shattered glass effect is with black. Darker colors like black will bring out the different iridescent shades more. Cellophane can be applied on the entire nail bed or layered to create a shimmery shattered glass look. The cellophane should be cut into different shape from large to small. The more disorderly the pieces will be put, the more effective and natural the design will look. This package contains 24 mixed colors of different iridescent cellophane film, which reflects colors differently at different angles, so you will never get bored!

For best results apply as follows:
1. Paint a base coat.
2. Paint your favorite nail polish; Preferable apply two layers of nail polish.
3. Cut the Glass Foil into the shapes you desire; (recommend diagonal cuts, mixture of smaller and bigger shards).
4. Coat the top coat before you put the shattered glass foil on top.
5. Grab a tweezers/ dotting tool/ toothpick and carefully place the shards glass pieces onto the nail in a design of your choice before the top coat dry. Use scissors remove outlying edges.
6. When the shattered glass foil completely on the nail, apply a final layer of top coat.



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